Patient Appointments, Reminders and Emails

As a dentist you know it's important to keep in contact with your patients. Annual checkup reminders, appointment texts and health information have to be sent out on a regular basis to ensure your patients welfare is taken care of effectively.

The easy way to communicate with patients.

contactGRIP enables you to keep an up to date database of all your patients. You can send text messages to patients and regular emails and newsletters.

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Get started in 3 Easy Steps

contactGRIP is the simplest way to send emails, newsletters and texts to your contacts. It's an online database where you can login and send messages instantly to individuals or groups of contacts in a few simple clicks.

1. Take a Free Trial

Signing up for a Free Trial is easy and takes less than 2 minutes. It's risk free. No committment and no software to install.

2. Enter your contacts

Creating contacts is easy, You can enter your patient information into the system one by one or if you're confident you can import all your patients into the system in one go. You can import lists from Excel if you have them. Our expert support team can also help you if you have lots of data and need a helping hand.

You only need first name, surname, email and mobile phone number for a basic contact. You can store lots of other information in the system if you need it later on.

3. Send messages

Once you have your contacts in the system you can send text messages and emails. Advanced users can set up email templates and newsletters and boost your business with regular patient updates.

You can send appointment reminders, emails, newsletters to individuals or groups of patients. You can even schedule texts and emails for future dates.

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